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A very interesting piece from conception to birth for designer Thomas Feichtner. Feichtner worked with reknown producer Eternit AG of Austria whom has collaborated with the legendary Le Corbusier and Willy Guhl. The conception of the Basso Shelf system began with exploration and sustainability of fibre cement and its journey as a material from then to now. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials and is what composes the form of this tripartite, modular shelf system that is connected by wooden pegs. The effect the fibre cement has, due to their cement molds in production, really gives a fabric like quality to material that is hard as a rock. The final finish on the piece is very interesting too because photographically it reads like felt. It begins very industrial in concept and finishes very elegantly. What is also very cool about this piece is the fact that it could be used for multiple functions like a bench with magazine storage below or on casters as a rolling kitchen island… the possibilities are endless since the framework is so flexible!


eun young yi | new stuttgart library | photography: brigida gonzalez

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When going outdoors, design shouldn’t have to take the backseat. These enamel steel cups manufactured using World War Two era machinery are beautifully crafted and designed.

What truly distinguishes the cups is that the rim and the handle — the two spots that get the most abuse — are reinforced with a double dipping of enamel, making this the most steadfast cup in the land. Designed by the durable and rustic Best Made brand, it may just be the most beautiful campfire mug ever made.

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Caux Collective Redirects: The ‘Empty Memories’ USB Collection

With the intriguing, self-proposed question “what would happen if technology became invisible?” to inspire a new, artistic direction of working, Designers Yoo-Kyung Shin & Hanhsi Chen found the answer in an ingenious fusion of fashionable jewellery and computer technology.

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Beauty Pears via Cooking for Pleasure Journal.
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